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Leading the way - Dog Services

Dog Walking

This is an essential part of any dog's day, providing both exercise and stimulation. I 

walk my dogs off lead in local parks but I would only do this with your dog if I was confident that they had a reliable recall.

In most cases I use a long lead and the walk is catered around your dog's needs and ability. Each walk is about an hour, depending on how your dog is and the cost is £10 for the first family dog and £5 for subsequent dogs in the same family group.

Dog Sitting

It is hard to go out for a day without worrying about how the dogs are doing and a lot of breeds need the companionship of humans during the day. I can visit your dog for an hour, to let them out in the garden and to play with them and to top up water and give food if it is their meal time. If you would like them to have a walk during this time, that can also be arranged. This service is £10 per visit to include a small walk and £5 per subsequent dog, if a walk is required, otherwise it is just £10 for an hours visit for any number of dogs!

Doggie Day Care

This service is ideal if you are having an extended day out - you can drop your dog off as early as 7am and collect as late as 9pm on the same day. The service will include suitable walks and meals, where appropriate. The cost is £20 per session.

Dog Boarding

If you are going away for any length of time, I am able to board your dog here with me. Your dog will have it's own bed and all food will be provided. Special dietry requirements can be catered for. Lots of cuddles and a couple of walks a day. Your dog will not be kennelled but will live in the home as part of the family. Your dog will have a chance to socialise with my dogs and pets to check for compatibility beforehand. The cost is £20 per 24 hours and part thereof, with a 15% discount for 3 days or more. Service currently unavailable.

If you are looking for local dog boarding, I can recommend PAW PALS, Sutton.