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Feathered Friends Service

Having chickens myself, I know how restricting they can be if you are going away for a night or more as they need their routine of waking and going to bed. I also know that they can get distressed if moved and even stop laying for a while, so I am happy to come to your flock and let them out first thing in the morning and put them to bed at dusk. I will give them fresh 

water and replenish their food and make sure their bedding is clean. I will collect and date your eggs, ready for your return. Price is £10 per day for 2 visits, but is currently only available in the Worcester Park, Cheam and Epsom areas of Surrey. Please do contact me, if you have poultry requirements or you live outside these areas for an individual quote. Alternatively I can house up to 3 large chickens or 4 bantams in an Eglu Classic with run.